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Wills for Parents of Minor Children
Thursday, November 2, 2017 Two part class - 11/2/17 and 11/16/17
Jarrett & Luitjens
Located at: 1795 Williston Road, Suite 125, So Burlington, VT

Would you like to walk away from a course with a fully executed, customized legal document instead of just learning about it?  As a service to the community, Jarrett & Luitjens, PLC, is offering their professional services at a fraction of the cost of private "in office" counsel. This course is designed to explain the legal process involved when parents die leaving minor children. It will specifically address the issues of legal guardianship of minor children and the management and distribution of their inheritance.

Upon completion of this two-part course, participants will have a fully executed customized Will, one designed to ultimately distribute assets to their children, including the nomination of guardians to care for minor children and trustees to manage their inheritance. Instructor Jennifer R. Luitjens, Esq., Jarrett & Luitjens, PLC.

If registering as a married couple, both must attend both sessions; only unmarried individuals may register as a single.

Wills - Single Parent
11/2/17 & 11/16/17
7:00-8:30 PM

Wills - Couple
11/2/17 & 11/16/17
7:00-8:30 PM

Class will be held at Jarrett & Luitjens, 1795 Williston Road, Suite 125, So Burlington

Register through the South Burlington Recreation Department at 846-4108 or online at https://register.sburlrecdept.com/wbwsc

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