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Friday, April 2, 2010

New Article - Spring Cleaning - Dust Off Those Documents

Spring Cleaning - Dust Off Those Documents

 Although past experience reminds us that winter is not yet over, our printed calendars do suggest that spring is near.  For many that season’s arrival initiates the annual exercise of cleaning – washing the drapes, dusting the ceiling fan blades, and an overall freshening of the house.  For perhaps a smaller number of cleaning enthusiasts, this ritual also includes the re-organization of closets and sorting through file cabinets or stacks of paperwork.  And for even a smaller percentage of cleaners, sorting may involve a review of legal documents.


If your spring cleaning tradition doesn’t include a legal document-sort, should it?  Here are some suggested guidelines.

For more of this article here is the link http://vtelaw.com/index.aspx?TypeContent=ARTICLES&Art_Title=Spring_Cleaning_-_Dust_Off_Those_Documents_(4-2010)&art_id=1660

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